Bending Time

For those who've asked what I'm doing, the following is a beginning draft of one of the short stories that I'm working on:

"Bending Time"

Once upon a time when time was simply measured by the beginning and ending of things, a child was born into a time and place where this was unknown. Since all is accepted as normal when a child is growing up, Saa’s behavior raised no red flags. If she refused to go to bed unless she was sleepy, or to eat unless she was hungry, her parents were patient with her and allowed her to set her own schedule. They were relatively unconcerned because there were not yet siblings for whom Saa would be required to set a good example. Her relationship with time was heavenly. Her playmates never asked why she didn’t go home to eat lunch as they did at the hour appointed by their parents, or go inside in the evenings when the street lights came on, no matter how much fun they were having.

Traumatic changes, however, were looming on Saa’s horizon. She was about to begin her formal education in the kindergarten at the local public school, and innocently believed it would simply be a different venue to have fun with her friends since they would also be there,

But how could she possibly survive in an institution which was one of the pillars in a land where all was marked by hours, days, weeks, months, and years. No home was without a clock or calendar. Everyone knew how to “tell” time. They knew the hour and day of their birth, the correct age to marry, the perfect age to become parents, when, if needed, to divorce, and they diligently pursued public and private means to delay death, with the intent of making it disappear forever. (to be continued)

This story has been completed; its new title is "Bending Time at Will," and is included in my latest collection of short stories, Try It On Before You Leave the Store. All of my works, except for Cat-Eyed Woman From Louisiana, are available as ebooks on or the publisher, Shires Press, I encourage you to purchase my works from the publisher for two reasons; Shires Press is a family-owned business, and although the prices may be slightly higher for the books, I get the entire amount in royalties.

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