It's Never Too Late

My work is dedicated to all of those who are courageous enough to risk loving and being loved, with their eyes and hearts open to see and feel the Truth of selflessness, generosity, kindness, and fidelity. And to those willing to stand up for justice and equity in all of their relationships.

Southern Bred

by Furaha Youngblood

The Mississippi flows through my veins,

Sluggish on days of doubt and distraction,

Dammed at times by tree branches, seeking

Quiet, yet impossible repair of broken limbs.

Scented magnolia drifts from my nostrils, Each exhale invites you to come “see about me”!

Ridding myself of the burden of “good hair.”

Skipping past “light-skinned” assets;

Becoming invisible and impervious to eyes

Blinded by borrowed beauty standards.

Celebrating the years that have gifted

Me with wisdom, clairvoyance, courage

I am yours for the tasting, even if yours Is an acquired taste, dictated by desire. I will infect you with my love of Southern comfort food—

cornbread, greens, candied yams, fried chicken, sweet potato pie, peach cobbler,

black-eyed peas, potato salad, iced tea, and cold buttermilk.

Casting spells runs in my family—gooba dust, hoo-doo,

High-John the Conqueror, gris-gris root, 7-day candles

‘dressed’ with bayberry, sandlewood, jasmine incense powder and sage leaves, share space on my altar.

Divinely guided, I come to you, Southern bred, to offer you Southern comfort.

Mi Sueno Vivo