A Siren Call to Writers, Musicians, Artists

Maria Chiquita sits along Panama's Caribbean coastline, halfway between Colon and Portobelo, a UNESCO site, and home of the Black Christ.  It is here that I have developed a space where your creative spirit can find an outlet.  Your passion to create literature, music, or visual images can be given full rein in this place where the eternal sea is a reminder of humanity's connection to immortality. With more than 40 years as a communications specialist--radio/television, liberal arts teacher, published writer, tutor, editor--I am available to support you with practical and proven methods to accomplish your goals in activities such as guided meditation, introduction to others in your field, as well as help in finding desired resources in Panama.  

For writers, the serenity of the sea, its far horizons, and the interplay between sea and sky are an irresistible impetus to the creative juices.  On the road in front of the facility, denizens from the local community pass daily, perhaps prompting interest in creating characters whose lives reflect the human condition, in all of its fascinating guises, in this former fishing village.  


For the musician, Panama is alive with music whose roots lie in African soil, and have, in the "New World" become intertwined with those of its indigenous peoples, as well as those of Europe and Asia.  Musical expression is generously shared among all groups, and in every area of Panama; especially, during Carnaval!  

For visual artists, this is an ideal location to paint, sculpt, draw, needlepoint, or tie-dye.  Whatever you can imagine, here is a space where you can be at peace to give birth to your dream.

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